Awesome Adam Party Invite

Click on the image to download a free printable party invite. The invite will print two to a page. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print the invite. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from here.

  1. Tie a bouquet of balloons around your mailbox or front of your house. It makes it a lot easier for anyone trying to find the house (Not to mention the entertainer!).
  2. Include the birthday child in preparations as often as possible. Let him or her stuff the party favour bags, make suggestions for games, help with the decorations, set the table, and mail the invitations. Anything you can do to get your child involved in the birthday party planning is great for their self-esteem and self-confidence. Kids really want to help out.
  3. Plan a safe, comfortable place for the party where the children can have fun, but will not hurt themselves or your home. If planning an outdoor party be sure to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Protect your pets, keep dogs, cats etc. separated from the party area.
  4. Involve the entire family in your birthday party planning. Siblings can sometimes feel left out, neglected when it’s’ not their birthday. This can be a great opportunity to give them tasks to help you out on the day; eg prepare refreshments, organise games etc.
  5. Prepare your child for the party. Rehearse how you would like your child to answer the door, greet the guests and receive the presents. Discuss good manners and acceptable behaviour for the party.
  6. If you have booked an entertainer, try and have all the children ready to watch the performance at the time you agreed on. Some entertainers may be doing more than one birthday party that day and need to stay on schedule. (At times I’ll have 3-4 per day, so scheduling is very important). See my tips for booking a birthday entertainer.
  7. Awesome Adam’s show is live theatre for your child and their guests. To help ensure that they get the most out of the show it is important to keep distractions to a minimum. Please do not serve food or drink during the show and keep any pets safely away. Pick an area for the show which will be a nice quiet safe place for the kids. Parents are most welcome (and encouraged) to stay and watch the show, however please set aside another room or area if they wish to talk.
  8. Send thank you notes or cards to all the guests. You can even have the birthday child help make the thank you notes/cards. Your child will learn from an early age the importance of thank you notes and the parents of all your guests will appreciate them.
  9. Prepare a large cardboard box to place presents into as guests arrive. The birthday child could decorate the box with bright colourful wrapping paper or simply colour it in. This adds a nice festive touch to the party and also shows off your child’s creative skills!
  10. Limit the party time to two hours or less for children under six years of age. Up to three hours is fine for older children. Prepare more activities than you plan to use in advance. Activities often take less time than planned and you may want to keep the children busy. I’ve found that the ideal order of events is to have some games or activities first (30min), then have the entertainer perform (45 – 60min). After the entertainment most parents like to open presents and serve the food followed by the traditional happy birthday singing and cake.

Special Bonus Tip

* This is a day that your child will always cherish. Don’t forget to give him/her a big hug, thank them for being such a great helper with the party and tell them how much you love them.


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