1. What areas do you service?
    1. Awesome Adam generally performs magic shows in the Brisbane and Gold Coast and surrounding areas.  However on request I can travel much further and will perform shows on the Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW’s
  2. Do you have live animals?
    1. I sure do, I have a dove called George who likes to make a magical appearance and an Awesome Adam magic would not be complete without Tricky the magic bunny rabbit.  The kids just love patting Tricky after the show.
  3. Do you perform shows indoors or outdoors?
    1. Indoors is better but outdoors is OK.  We just need to make sure there is plenty of shade for the kids, myself and the animals in the show.  If you are planning an outdoor show it is also best to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
  4. Do I need to pay a deposit?
    1. I don’t require a deposit for a child’s birthday party in a private residence, all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible if any of the details of the party change.  For my corporate clients such as schools, day-care centres, festivals and private businesses etc. I do require a deposit.
  5. Is there a limit on how many kids can be invited to the show?
    1. I do not have a limit on the number of kids, most of the time more kids mean more fun.  For shows packages that include balloon animals I generally allow enough time for about 20 kids to get a balloon, if you are planning more kids than this just let me know and I can adjust my show timing.
  6. How much room do you need?
    1. The average lounge room is fine for most kids birthday parties.  As my shows are very active It is best to let the kids to sit on the floor
  7. Do I need to provide anything for the show?
    1. The only thing you need to provide is enough room for all the guests to sit to watch the show.  I bring everything I need to perform an awesome show.
  8. What if there is more than birthday child?
    1. That’s great, Awesome Adam will make sure they each have an awesome time and made to feel special.
  9. Can I serve food during the show?
    1. My show is very active and the kids won’t be able to sit still so it is best not to serve food during or just before the show.  It can also be a distraction for the kids if plates or drinks get knocked over.  Just after the show is the perfect time to serve food and present the cake!
  10. My child is shy will they feel overwhelmed by the show?
    1. No, I am very careful to make sure every kid feels safe, secure and special.  I have found that even the most shy child by the end of the show feels safe enough to help me perform the grand finale for the show.
  11. When is the best time to start the show?
    1. Half an hour after the party starts is best, there are always late comers and the kids are very excited while everyone is arriving.

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